US Accounting & Reporting Guide
built for European finance teams

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    You're a European tech company that just completed a significant transaction into the US, such as a fundraise with large US investors, acquisition by a US company, or preparation towards US IPO.

    Maybe you need to go through a conversion from local statutory accounting to either IFRS to US GAAP, but you don't know where to start.

    ​Maybe you need to understand what it means to have ongoing accounting & reporting requirements as a US public company.

    (either because you were acquired by one or are planning an IPO).

    ​This guide will give you the basics from:

    • How to go through a US GAAP conversion & audit, including:
      • Excel templates for difference assessment
      • Memo templates for conversion approach
      • Video walkthrough of process (& how your audit will work)
      • Checklist of tasks
    • What it means to go public in the US
      • IPO readiness exercises
      • Parties to be involved
      • Timeline for listing
    • What it means to be a public company in the US
      • Ongoing reporting requirements
      • Audit requirements

    Just because you have a significant transaction, doesn't mean you need to bring in a huge advisory firm to help you through it. You want to make sure your staff has appropriate knowledge transfer to run the -day-to-day smoothly going forward. You can do this without bringing in a huge advisory firm (in fact, if you do, the team won't learn as effectively).

    Here's a sneak peek:

    (If you download this guide, and realize you DO need help - just know there is a better way to get expert advice without those $$$ firms)